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Here you can find a proof-of-concept implementation of a Shibboleth enabled WMS/WFS desktop client, based on OpenJump 1.3.1. This release consists of:

  • The ecpPlugin java library which allow developers to "shibb-enable" existing java WMS/WFS clients with minimal effort using the SAML ECP profile.
  • A fully functional client WMS/WFS client using the ecpPlugin to access Shibboleth protected OGC services.


The full manual is available here. It contains instructions for both users as well as developers planning to reuse the ecpPlugin functionality in other clients.


To start using the client you can download the full binary bundle. To develop using the library, you will need to download the ecpPlugin source bundle below.

Source Code

All code is released as open source. For details see the license file in each of the source bundles.

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